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Georgia's Outdoor Destination.

Hiker Hostel caters to cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers, "Eco-Tourists", and anyone who wants to get away to the Northern Mountains of Georgia. Private rooms, Bunks, and Container Cabins are available.

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Stay with us

Reserve with us today for your next get away...even if it lasts 6 months. Cycle, hike, "slackpack," or just unwind.

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About us

Hiker Hostel was started by Josh & Leigh Saint after their successful Thru-Hike in 2000. Learn more about them & Hiker Hostel

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Check out our blog posts to see what is happening at the Hiker Hostel!

The latest news from Hiker Hostel

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CONTAIN THAT FUNK!! (and other tips for hitchhiking along the Appalachian Trail)

Hitchhiking is a topic that comes up at the Hiker Hostel regularly this time of year.
At some point during an AT thru-hike, everyone will hitchhike into a town (unless, of course, you’re attempting to set …

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Throwback to Y2K (bet you haven’t heard that in a while!)

Day 1 of our Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the start of my and Josh’s thru-hike!
March 11, 2000 was the beginning of what would be a life-changing experience.  Many hikers will tell …

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NOBO Season is not Spring in GA

10 Fed 2016 10 degrees and 2″ of Snow.  High for the day 18 degrees

There are many phrases that people use to capture the start of their NOBO hike.  We often hear “Spring on Springer” …

Guest Reviews

  • This Hostel is the BEST! Thank you for everything@! Love, Angela and Will

  • What a great find! We love it! Lisa & Dan Brave

  • Had a fabulous visit, we'll be back! Shawn & Clyde

  • What a special place! Loved our "container", can't wait to come back! Happy Trails. Conan & Backwards. GA-ME