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Hiker Hostel’s website gets a new look

Welcome to Hiker Hostel!

Welcome to Hiker Hostel!

Hiker Hostel officially opened in 2004.  And since the opening day we’ve been online.  Many of our guests found us through our old website.  But after a decade things change.  Smartphones are everywhere, and so are tablets.  Hikers, cyclists, trail runners….they all have some type of connected device today!

Our new site is now geared for those smart devices.  It’s “mobile ready” or if you want to talk like the web designers out there, “responsive design.”  All that means is you can now view our site on tablets and smartphones and you don’t have to squint!  And for our smartphone users out there, you can click to call right at the top of the page and make your reservations in no time!

So welcome to our new site.  Take a look around.  We’ll still be adding new content in the coming weeks.  More information for visitors to the area, more cyclist links, and of course, more information about hiking in Georgia!  Oh, and sign up for our e-mail newsletter (in the right hand column) and stay up to date with all the new information from Hiker Hostel!


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  1. Eddie Cole says:

    The website may have changed, but one thing that never changes is the warm hospitality that every guest receives from Josh and Leigh Saint at the Hiker Hostel!!!

  2. I’m a AT-thruhiker class of 2014. I’m from germany and this hostel was my very first contact of my adventure. Josh picked me up from the Atlanta airport… and yes we talked about the trail. I was excited and nervous but the hostel with Josh an Leigh gave me a safe feeling doing the right thing.
    More than a year later i will only say “Thank you for this wonderful and awesome start”!!!

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