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Shipping Gear to the Hiker Hostel

Planning to fly into Atlanta? Make your life a little easier and ship your gear to us ahead of time. With upgraded security and tighter restrictions at airports – not to mention different policies for each airline – flying with all of your necessary hiking gear is becoming quite difficult. We’ll be glad to hold your package(s) until you arrive. Send your whole pack or just those items you’re concerned could be confiscated at the airport. Some items to consider are knife/multi-tool, stove, empty fuel bottle, hiking poles (with sharp or carbide tips) and tent stakes. If you’re taking Greyhound or Amtrak, you can ship packages ahead as well.

Check with your local post office before shipping to ensure no special circumstances apply, especially if you’re sending canister fuel. It’s likely that your package will require ground delivery, so plan ahead and allow plenty of time for shipping. International travelers should also check with local postal providers for any overseas shipping restrictions.

If sending items ahead by United States Postal Service (US Mail), send it as follows:

Your Name
c/o Hiker Hostel
PO Box 802
Dahlonega, GA 30533

If sending items ahead by UPS, FedEx or DHL, send it as follows:

Your Name
c/o Hiker Hostel
7693 Hwy 19N
Dahlonega, GA 30533

You MUST use the correct address for your method of shipment. If you use the wrong address, the items WILL be returned to you. Also, write your date of arrival and last name in large print on the side of your package so it will be easy to locate. Because our storage space is limited, we prefer to not hold packages longer than one week.

Shipping Gear Home

Many hikers find, after arriving at the hostel, that they have over-packed and need to send some items home or to a trail town further north. We’ll be happy to do that for you. We generally have miscellaneous boxes floating around that you may use to send unwanted items or even travel clothes home. We’ll weigh the packages and determine the cost of postage using the online calculator at usps.com.


We keep white gas (Coleman Fuel) and denatured alcohol at the hostel. Hikers taking advantage of our “Thru-Hiker Special” are allowed 8 oz of free fuel (white gas or denatured alcohol only) and may purchase more if needed. All other guests may purchase fuel by the ounce.

Hikers who require canister fuel can also purchase fuel at the hostel. We carry JetBoil, MSR, Optimus or SnoPeak canisters in the 4 and 8 oz. sizes. We charge $4.99 and $5.99, respectively (+ tax).


Well-mannered, house-broken and “relatively” clean dogs are allowed in the main hostel building and the small private log cabin.  Pets are NOT allowed in the Container Cabins. Please keep your dog leashed at all times. Dogs may not be left at the hostel unsupervised.  The dog-owner is solely responsible for the actions of his/her dog. If any damage is done to the hostel or other hikers’ gear, compensation will be expected. Pets (including our dog) are not allowed on ANY furniture. While breakfast is being prepared or served, no pets (again, including ours) are allowed on the main floor.

Come Back from Woody Gap

Woody Gap is approximately 20 trail miles from Springer Mountain, but it’s only 6 road miles from the hostel. During the Northbound “Thru-Hiker Season” we make a daily pick-up at Woody Gap at 5pm. For 2016 we will pick up from 01-March thru 24-April. The 5pm shuttle is free if staying at the hostel. The first morning shuttle back to Woody Gap is also free between 01-March and 24-April. If you choose to go back at a later time during the day, there will be a fee. The fee for an overnight stay for a bunk is $19/person/night, $45 for a private room inside the hostel for up to two people, $55 for a Container Cabin for up to two people and $65-$85 for a small private log cabin for up to 4 people.  All rates include breakfast. We provide bed linens, towels, washcloths, soap and shampoo.