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Throwback to Y2K (bet you haven’t heard that in a while!)

Day 1 of our Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

Day 1 of our Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the start of my and Josh’s thru-hike!

March 11, 2000 was the beginning of what would be a life-changing experience.  Many hikers will tell you that their hike was life-changing, and it certainly was for us.  Had it not been for our hike, our lives would have followed a much different path.  We definitely would not own a Hiker Hostel that caters to Appalachian Trail hikers (or a bed and breakfast, or any other type of lodging facility!).  I would most likely would not have met the wonderful ladies at Adventures in Good Company for whom I now guide several trips per year.  And the people!  We would not have had the good fortune of meeting thousands of wonderful people every year…and some year after year.

Curious about our first day on the trail?  Here’s what I had to say about it:

After finishing up last minute chores at the house this morning, we were finally on our way. My parents spent the night with us, and we droved to Dahlonega this morning, where we met Josh’s mom, her sister Brenda and friend Mickey. We had a nice breakfast, said good-bye to my parents; when my dad politely told Josh, “You better take care of my baby,” and we headed for Springer. Josh’s mom, sister and friend rode with us to bring the car back. When we pulled into the parking lot, there sat Josh’s friend Chris, who had run up from Hightower Gap to meet us. So, here we said good-bye to Josh’s mom and took pictures.
Now, our journey begins! And what a way to start…in the rain. By the time we hiked the 0.9 miles to Springer, the dogs (Sarah & Trevor) had overcome their initial excitement…though I can’t say the same for us. There wasn’t much of a view from Springer, so we signed the register, took more pictures and left as the rain continued and continued and continued. We left from Springer around noon and only took a short break for lunch. It was fairly cool out today, especially with the rain, and stopping for any length of time caused us to become chilled quickly. We enjoyed the hike with Chris and had some good conversations. We parted ways at the trail for Hawk Mountain Shelter. He may try to meet up with us again around Woody Gap. So, tonight we’re tenting just a bit from the shelter, which is full. The rain has stopped, but the wind is blowing loudly. There is no noise from the shelter and the pups seem to be resting peacefully, (and Josh is fighting the urge as I write).
It was a great first day! We should have dry weather for a few days, so hopefully our clothes will dry out. Until tomorrow…….good night!

If you’re interested in reading more about our journey, our full story can be found at TrailJournals.com!

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  1. Claudia Wilson says:

    So interesting! It’s funny, and a little unnerving, yet wonderful and mysterious, how a minor life choice, such as taking a hike, can change the trajectory of our lives.

    Of course, it’s about making ‘the next right choice’ and following our hearts. Keeping the courage to do that can get tamped down and it takes measured fortitude to keep that attitude.

    I’m curious of what ya’ll do next and hope you’ll let us know. I certainly wish you the very best and Godspeed.

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