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What do we call these things!?!

Small living, container home, sleeping unit...

Small living, container home, sleeping unit…

What do we call the Hostel’s new sleeping units?  Should they be referred to as Tiny Homes, Container Cabins, Shipping Container Dwellings? What about Ecopods or Small Space Living Units?  We have had a hard time giving them a name that describes what our guests will experience while staying in the new private spaces.

To explain, Leigh and I wanted to make the expansion of the hostel as green and environmentally friendly as possible.  With this idea in mind our goal is to have used as much recycled, repurposed and deconstructed building material as possible while staying within the Dahlonega and Lumpkin Co. codes for Bed and Breakfasts(little known fact is our corp. name is Hiker B&B);and after much discussion, with all the powers to be, we decided on shipping containers. The size we will be using are 8x20ft.

We were able to source containers locally on Craigslist and bought 5 total. We got to work, with lots of help from local contractors, to get the septic and water systems in place along with the footers so the units could be set in place. The units will be in 3 locations on the property. Two places will be single units while the third location will be made of 3 containers. Now in place,the cutting and welding begins.

On the single units we cut holes for 2 windows in the bathroom area and one large hole on the side for a 6ft. sliding door with a 3ft side light (9ft. in total size). The opening end of the container we framed in with traditional framing to put another 6ft door and side light. Having the 2 openings brings in lots of light and is code for our area.

Speaking of building code…if something seems odd that we did or even looks odd in the pics,I will take the time now to blame it on code and not my lack of building skills.

For the interior, we are required to insulate all sides of the container and chose to fur out all the walls and ceiling with narrow studs (2×3) so we could use spray foam insulation. All the walls were done in a traditional stick frame method and basically friction-fitted in place (no holes in the metal).

For finish material we sourced a lot of things from a lot of places. Not sure if we were able to be very “environmental” with all the driving we did to get everything. Who knows, but we tried and when we show people around I do not have to say “we just got ‘The Depot’ to delivery everything”.

Whatever we call them, they're unique.  And the interiors are amazing!

Whatever we call them, they’re unique. And the interiors are amazing!



Container 1 is refloored with bamboo. The wood walls are all pallets that we planed down and resized. The ceilings are metal roofing from an old Military base that was decommissioned and the bed was custom built in place out of a Heart Pine beam that we think started growing in the late 1700’s.

Container 2 has the original floor, which we were able to sand down and reseal. This was a lot of work, but well worth it in the end. The walls are the same metal roofing from the Army post and the wood for the ceiling and bed are all from the same Heart Pine beam used in Unit 1 (it was a big beam).

There are a lot more small things done to the Units that we really think people will like, but that will be for another post.

So does anyone have a suggestion on what we should call these “dwellings” when renting them out?

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  1. Cindy says:

    Love them! I hope Bill and I can stay in one when we finally get to come back down to GA and finish that section of the AT. However, we still love the cabin too, hard choice!

  2. Chris says:

    Very cool looking-wish they were there when we passed through! Great job!

  3. Kathy says:

    Bed Shed. Think it sounds like a fun, easy term.

  4. Reply enjoyed staying with and meeting you guys mid December and loved what you did with a couple of steel boxes and some scrap tin and lumber. We refer to you little cabins as WeeHabs since they were so comfy and relaxing. We’ll be back!! Jeff and Laura Ocala, Fl.

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